Why attack Israel?

They are right, don't look the other way. (Kerry Lobel and Julie Dorf; Viewpoint, Aug. 3-9 issue) blast Israel for denying the GLBT parade in Jerusalem - and then somehow connect that to Palestinian rights? Israel has had many gay rights marches, organizations and events over the years. Of the 22 Arab neighboring countries how many can make that claim? The answer is: zero. That's because Muslim countries will imprison or kill GLBT people. Why don't Lobel and Dorf talk about that? Where are their protests? Why don't they talk about the lack of GLBT or other rights in the Muslim world? What rights? The only time there are marches in the Middle East is to chant death to Jews or death to America. There are no marches for women's rights, children's rights, education, health or jobs, because for that protesters will be imprisoned or worse. And you blast Israel for its unwillingness to accept diversity? Its army accepts openly gay soldiers. One of its top performers is transgender. And as for occupation, demand America give back California, Texas, Colorado and Arizona to Mexico - right now! And New York to the Dutch! Israel has been there for 2,000 years. And where are their protests for the thousands of blacks recently slaughtered in warfare across Africa? But Lobel and Dorf are right. Israel has been trading land for terror for years - why should it stop now?

Bob Sisson

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