Creep of the Week Guy Adams

By D'Anne Witkowski

Guy Adams

Once, when my youngest sister was a toddler, I told her, "When old people smile at you, it means they want to eat you." I also told her that being strapped into the child seat in a grocery cart meant she would have to live the rest of her life at Farmer Jack's.

Neither of these things was true, but for a long time my little sister felt uneasy around old people and shopping carts. But then, who hasn't said some crazy shit at some point in his or her lives that someone unwittingly believed?

However, this, my friends, is the right-wing modus operandi. The crazier the claims, the more often and more forcefully they need to be repeated.

A right-wing favorite in the gay rights debate is to play the pedophilia card. It is demonstrably false that the majority of gays prey on little kids. Being gay and being a pedophile are not one in the same. But if you say something often enough, people stop thinking and start to make links in their minds (hey folks, we're living in a country where people still think Saddam Hussein still had a hand in 9-11).

So Guy Adams of Renew America was merely reading from the playbook when he said on Stacy Harp's "The Right View" Internet radio broadcast that the newest "gay trend" is "sex with infants." And yes, Renew America is the group headed by Alan "Mary Cheney is a selfish hedonist/I disown my lesbian daughter" Keyes.

According to, Adams said, "The newest thing in Chicago, it's becoming a trend, and you're gonna find this hard to with infants."

Yes, I do find it hard to believe. Especially since Adams offers no proof for this outrageous assertion. It is simply not true that this is the newest gay "trend" like circuit music and rainbow necklaces.

Adams also called homosexuality "perversion" and went on to say, "...we don't hate the gays mind you, we don't hate them, we hate what they're doing...pretty soon that perversion is like addiction, it's not enough, so you need to graduate to something else. You need to move on. So now they're having sex with animals, a small group that's getting bigger, sex with infants, sex in the street in Chicago out in the open, it's just getting more and more perverted."

Actually, Guy, the rhetoric is getting more and more perverted. Yours.

And enough with the "we don't hate the gays" shit. People who don't hate gays don't claim gays are screwing babies.

He also referred to gay people as "a very angry and violent group when confronted with the truth." A couple days later he sent angry e-mails to gay activist Joe Brummer, with whom he got into a tiff over anti-gay postings on Brummer's blog. "I declare war against you and your kind," wrote Adams.

Read his missives and find his e-mail for yourself at and ask yourself who is really "angry" and "violent."

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