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"Can you imagine the lines for straight bathhouses if women were as eager to get it on with strangers as men are?"

- Andrew Sullivan in his Aug. 1 "Daily Dish" blog.

"When it comes to taking advantage of the transformative powers of fashion, being gay is a definite advantage. Living within the minority teaches us that we don't need to worry about what the majority is doing. Even if occasionally the roads may merge (Metrosexual, anyone?), we'll diverge from the mainstream again and be fine on our own little path."

- Greg Triggs in his Metrodiary column in the August/September issue of Metrosource.

"Secrets don't work. I lost millions of dollars in sponsorships overnight when I was outed in 1981. Amelie Mauresmo, who is a lesbian and a French player, has not lost one. In fact, she has probably gained a couple because of it. I am so thrilled for her that she can have a life, feel safe and not have to hide."

- Tennis legend Billie Jean King as quoted in the Summer 2006 issue of Lambda Legal Update.

"I'd like to go into sculpting or mixed-media art. But later on, when I'm a crazy 70-year-old fairy."

- Fashion designer John Bartlett in the August/September issue of Metrosource.

"I joke, saying I'm a gay man trapped in a straight man's body, or a straight man trapped in a gay man's body. I'm not quite sure which way around it is, because I don't care. If I see something or I like something I go for it. When I approach a photograph, I try to see the sexuality in it. I try to see what excites me in it. I don't see it from a gay perspective, don't see it from a straight perspective. I just see it from my perspective."

- Fashion photographer Nigel Barker, as quotes in the August/September issue of Metrosource.

"Are we simply content to go to the Castle, Red Moon or Sugar Shack, drink, have fun, have sex and then never consider whatÕs being done to us in the name of family values? Where are we?"

- David R. Gillespie on the lackluster efforts in Upstate South Carolina to defeat South Carolina's anti-gay marriage amendment, Q-Notes, July 29.

"Because, if you ask me - and bear in mind I know shit-all about shit - gay men are men. Undisguised men, pure and simple, with little to divide them from hetero guys except their preference of orifice and the lack of hoops they have to jump through to attain it. I mean, what man doesn't wish he could post a picture of his sex vessel on the Internet and 20 minutes later have a new lover knocking at their door?"

- Hollis Gillespie writing in the August 2 issue of Creative Loafing on the men-seeking-men ads on Craigslist.

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