General Gayety: News clues

By Leslie Robinson

Are you up on the latest LGBT news? Let's find out! Circle the correct answer to the questions below.

1. Who is the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, whose recent anti-gay rhetoric has infuriated not only gays but also local tourism officials?

a. Antonio Villaraigosa

b. Ed Koch

c. Jim Naugle

d. Burgermeister Meisterburger

2. Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson told the BBC he and his partner intend to enter into a civil union soon after the new law goes into effect in New Hampshire in January. Since the Lambeth Conference, the once-a-decade meeting of Anglican bishops from around the world, will take place a few weeks later, church conservatives attacked Robinson's civil union plan as:

a. too demanding on his schedule

b. too demanding on God's schedule

b. a publicity stunt to gain political advantage

d. a transparent bid for extra wedding gifts

3. In which country are 18 young men on trial, essentially for being gay, as activists worry the reason is to whip up support for the government's re-introduction of a spectacularly anti-gay bill?

a. Argentina

b. India

c. Nigeria

d. Canada

4. In Sweden, a brawl occurred outside a photomural exhibit that depicts Jesus as gay. The exhibit includes a Pride procession into Cana and an adoration by:

a. gay activists

b. lesbians

c. leathermen

d. Martians

5. Florida State Rep. Bob Allen, who sponsored a failed bill to tighten the state's prohibition on public sex, was arrested in a park in July for offering to pay to perform oral sex on an undercover cop. He now claims he did it out of fear, citing:

a. an anxiety disorder

b. insecurity about his looks

c. the high number of black men around

d. the high number of elves, gnomes and pixies around

6. In Uganda recently, gay activists held a first-ever press conference calling for equal rights. That was followed by an anti-gay rally organized by the Interfaith Coalition Against Homosexuality, as well as calls from high government officials for the activists' arrest. Most of the country's LGBT activists are now:

a. straight

b. straight

c. in hiding

d. straight

7. What has the Rev. Ted Haggard, whose apparent trysts with a male prostitute lost him his Colorado megachurch, just asked his supporters to provide for two years as he and his wife pursue degrees?

a. used textbooks

b. homework help

c. money

d. No. 2 pencils

The answer to every question is "c." If you didn't score very well, cheer up. All you need to do to improve is read a gay newspaper now and then. You'll boost your LGBT news IQ, and make an editor of a gay paper ridiculously happy.

Leslie Robinson should have her own game show. E-mail her at, and read more columns at

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