Voices from an Urban Bush Sista: Summer's end/Fall's Beginning

By Imani Williams

Voices from an Urban Bush Sista

Greetings. Hope you are having a fabulous and safe summer. As we wind down and gear up for fall make sure and take time to visit someone who has been on your mind that you haven't yet made contact with especially if said person(s) are seniors.

You may end up chilling out on a boat, catching some jazz at Hart Plaza, or in Pontiac at the Arts, Beats and Eats. The point is to enjoy and share time with those you care about. If someone is shut in, a visit from you bringing some goodies, a cheer and a smile will make their day. Remember, it really is better to give than receive. It feels good.

So much to say, so little space. Congratulations to all who made the decision to do something different and perhaps better this year by making the decision to return to school to learn about something that interests you. Your decision will have its rewards as you fill your personal achievement tool box.

I am curious to know how many people, instead of going for a traditional degree to get a "job" working for someone else, have decided to return to school to learn a skill or develop a craft to hang out your personal shingle as an entreprenuer? The call is there, the hours are long the sweat and tears numerous. But at the close of a business day you've done your thing for you and hopefully what you're doing is bettering the community as well.

Pursuing the Wayne County Community College and Oakland Community College enrichment classes I found everything from creative cooking classes to matte-frame courses for the aspiring photo artist. And they offer everything in between as well.

I want to take a stain-glass making class and blow my own colorful glass for jewelry and wind chimes. Will they sell? I don't know. But it is something I find interesting and the pieces are beautiful. I'm probably finally processing my own art need from middle school. My homeroom was the art class and every day for three-and-a-half years I was in room 23 twice daily at Beaubien Middle/Jr. High School and not once did my class have art as an elective. I never got to fire the kiln. What my homeroom got to see instead was the work of different classes (our peers).

We were not allowed to touch or go near the kiln. As an adult I want to fire that bad boy up and see what wondrous creations I can come up with to string.

The wonderful thing about these courses is that are priced so they won't break your bank. They are offered at various times to accommodate busy schedules. You will meet some wonderful new people. You're there because you want to be versus having to be, which makes it even nicer. The other thing is that you can start as slow or as fast as you like. Put your feet in, get wet and then come back and take another class next semester.

I digress. My point is that we all have things or interests that we've wanted to pursue since childhood. Perhaps the investment at this stage of life would be a good thing. If we end up really doing well at it, we can hang our shingle or just go with it as a hobby making - creating gift items for those we love.

In addition, this is a good way to meet new people who have similar interests. You can check out a book on eBay ... or take a quick course and put your wares to work for you there. I'm telling you this is an excellent time to explore and create.

Remember to play, honor the little girl or boy in you by doing something fun. When is the last time you borrowed the Twister game from someone under eleven and got tangled up. It's a bunch of fun ... you can finish up with finger paints and Playdough. It's a blast.

If there is something you'd like to see discussed in this space please e-mail me at pridesourceimani@yahoo.com. Peace and light, Imani

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