Q Puzzle

August 27, 2007

"Not Interested in Dating Men"


1 Gary Glickman novel

5 Voyeurs look through them

10 Family group

14 It makes watching porn harder

15 Gay rodeo accessory

16 Taylor of "Six Feet Under"

17 55-Down thought for a long time ...

20 Train like a Muscle Mary

21 It's hard to figure out

22 Granola lesbian's bit

23 Crack code-cracking org.

26 Meat source Down Under

27 Bannon and Northrop

29 ... but then she realized ... (with 38-, 40- and 61-Across)

31 Love-making sound

34 Some escorts want it up front

35 Pirate ship's prey

37 It's used in fake meat

38 See 29-Across

40 See 29-Across

42 What Joan of Arc was maid of

44 Gertrude Stein collected his paintings

45 Cruising

46 Words that come after "come"

47 It tops the cake

50 Co. that sells bloomers?

52 Snaky discharge

56 No to Rimbaud

57 Treat as a sexual object too often?

60 Aunt in "Bambi"

61 See 29-Across

64 Barely made, with "out"

65 Hardtop

66 "She" to Colette

67 Roy Cohn hated them

68 Bring to bear

69 Cousin of Jethro and Jethrine


1 ___ lays (how Sheehan plays the ball in the rough)

2 Spy plane or rock band

3 Tatum's dad

4 Trojan hero

5 Get ready for action

6 Lend a hand to

7 "Village Voice" columnist Hentoff

8 Arena of "Saving Ryan's Privates" (abbr.)

9 Kemo ___ (Tonto's male partner)

10 Prospectors may jump them

11 They're good with tongues

12 Larry Kramer, to Yale

13 Lesbian porn star Hartley

18 Boy king who goes either way

19 Hydrocarbon ending

23 Org. for pucking around?

24 Actor Mineo

25 Went down on

27 Bushy do

28 Not even once, to Dickinson

29 Batman's alter ego Bruce

30 Carrie Chapman Catt, by birth

32 "Anything ___ "

33 David ___ Pierce

35 City of Barrie's land

36 Mead studied them on Samoa

39 "Lawrence of Arabia" director David

41 Kopay's team

43 Making love on a strongbox?

44 In self-contained units

47 Use Fisher & Sons

48 Gay horror writer John Peyton

49 Where some may lie

51 It may be rough

53 Sam of "Jurassic Park"

54 With "fours," doggy-style

55 Mabel of this puzzle's quote

58 Place for pansies

59 Tickled pink

62 Wood and more

63 One ruled by a queen

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