Rose Parade


1 Julius Caesar's first name

6 NG: Roth offerings

10 Moist mounds

14 Become a parent nonheterosexually

15 2008 biopic about Harvey

16 NG: Hint to the future

17 She played Rose on "The Golden Girls"

19 NG: ___-tat

20 NG: Actor Morales

21 Butch's towel word

22 Booty grabber

24 Worker on Broadway

26 Fruitful

27 Bea of "The Golden Girls"

30 NG: Cookies unit

31 Historic Stonewall disturbances

32 NG: Sills' solo

33 Nick Adams' Johnny

37 NG: Be in a cast

38 Getty of "The Golden Girls"

41 "Heather ___ Two Mommies"

42 Sucker or suckee?

44 NG: Takes advantage of

45 NG: Leave home

47 NG: Bounded along

49 Character played by 38-Across

50 Many a place near Aspen

53 Sit for Mapplethorpe

54 NG: Hollywood Bros.

55 NG: Provide assistance

56 NG: "Darn!"

60 NG: Crude cartel

61 Rue of "The Golden Girls"

64 NG: Seek a sorority

65 NG: Words of woe

66 NG: Funny Cheri

67 NG: Novel conclusion

68 Have an opening for

69 Offer an apple to Adam and Steve?


1 NG: Kotter portrayer Kaplan

2 Fruity drinks

3 Sappho's "I"

4 NG: On pins and needles

5 Place for porking?

6 NG: "Like, no problem, man"

7 Park of Queens

8 NG: Model Carol

9 Like a pirate insignia

10 Character played by 27-Across

11 Place for a G-string

12 "South Pacific" nuts

13 NG: Kind of drum

18 Spin like a top

23 "Lord of the Rings" extra

25 Trojan Horse, e.g.

26 Blows it

27 NG: Spirited horse

28 NG: Anticrime acronym

29 Canine from Kansas

30 Go straight?

32 Cruising, maybe

34 NG: "Look out ..."

35 Spot for gay honeymoons

36 NG: Early movie dog

39 Dean Cain role

40 Some actors have big ones

43 Character played by 61-Across

46 Emulate Dr. Kildare

48 NG: Vein filler

49 Scotch partner

50 NG: Used inelegant language

51 NG: On the fritz

52 NG: Legal conclusion beginning

53 Accumulated, like Gomer?

55 Top

57 NG: "Excuse me!"

58 NG: Waterproof cover

59 Prissy hissy

62 "Evita" narrator

63 NG: "Just kidding!"

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