Another Day The Music Died


1 Pull out your shooter

5 Early sitcom star Desi

10 Tallulah Bankhead's home st.

14 Elton John Broadway musical

15 TEa of "Fun with Dick and Jane"

16 Skater's feat

17 Nine inches

18 Hangout for Natalie Barney

19 Candace Gingrich's half-brother

20 With 31-Across, Barbra Streisand song written by 55-Across

23 Big name in beer

26 Actress Rene

30 Lubricant

31 See 20-Across

37 "Suzie Q" band

38 Pam Parsons and Patty Sheehan

40 Uncompromising

41 Thick carpet

42 June Christy song written by 55-Across

45 Hard to crack

46 Unlettered phone number

47 City on the RhUne

49 Alexandre, who wrote about a male threesome

50 Letters on a Cardinal's cap

51 Denim pants

52 Barneys and others

54 1930's-40's villain

55 Late great composer and lyricist

59 Cheese in Ms. van de Kamp's cookbook?

61 Trump ex

62 Moby Dick chaser

65 Some have electric organs

66 The Divine Miss M, for one?

67 Type of straits for straights in a gay bar?

68 Russian's refusal

69 Rob on the screen

70 Zipped


1 Article of Marlene Dietrich

2 Saw with the grain

3 Canine care org.

4 Has the hots for

5 On top of that

6 Not made up

7 Publisher of same-sex couples' legal guide

8 Soon, to Shakespeare

9 Judy Garland's "___! Went the Strings of My Heart"

10 Congo native

11 Tin Woodsman's tool

12 Copy cats?

13 A. Earhart concern

21 "Master Melvin"

22 JFK info

23 Old man

24 Clears of stale smells

25 Vehicle for those who say "Are you my type?"

27 Vessel for a smart first mate?

28 Type of triangle

29 Web site address ending

32 Pres. after Eleanor's husband

33 Gay cultural values, e.g.

34 Misleading maneuver

35 Textile trademark

36 Having one sharp, to Schubert

39 Most like a carbon copy

41 Results of too much intercourse?

43 Big name in flops

44 Bayou cooking style

45 Modern music media

48 Georgia once, but not O'Keeffe

53 Water park feature

54 Wears at the edges

56 Part of YSL

57 Attempt to seduce

58 Stud fee?

59 Big London clock

60 Wilder's "The Bridge of San Luis"

63 "We ___ Family"

64 Hit the sheets with

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