Pandering To Male Gay Voters


1 "Nuts!"

5 Kind of basket

10 Force in "Milk," for short

14 Vehicle for the high C's?

15 Porn director Chi Chi

16 Kind of loser

17 With 19-Across, attire of Joe Biden, at meetings, in a joke

19 See 17-Across

20 Anesthesia of old

21 Vermont, to Vivien

23 R. E. Lee's nation

24 Star wearer

27 Part of a Stein line

28 "___ was saying ..."

29 Abe Lincoln's boy

30 Very plentiful

32 Trojan rival

34 Trial figure

36 Govt. notes

37 With 57-Across, comment by Barack Obama about Biden

40 Margaret Mead interviewee

41 Slight variation

42 Paces in races

43 Matches a poker bet

44 "___ Were a Rich Man"

47 Summer hrs. at Key West

48 La leader

50 Doyle's lover

53 Here, in Le Havre

54 Casa chamber

56 Hacks it

57 See 37-Across

59 Host of "The Daily Show," where this joke was told

62 Rubik of cube fame

63 Colette's love

64 Peace Nobelist Wiesel

65 Silence for Saint-Saens

66 "Daisy Miller" author James

67 Bottomless


1 Most like some porn

2 "Queen of Soul" Franklin

3 Supported Metropolitan Community Church, e.g.

4 It may stick out in front of a cavalryman

5 Initial course at lunch?

6 Sound of the New York Liberty cheerleaders

7 Lake traveled by Ohio ferries

8 Em's title

9 Painter of ballerinas

10 Teakettle sound

11 Philosopher Michel

12 How a queen may walk

13 Holds up

18 Paul Newman role in "Exodus"

22 Designated

25 Refrigerator gas

26 Squealer

31 Choreographer Bob

33 Circumcision, for one

34 One-armed bandit's opening

35 Says "Bottoms up!"

36 Refuse

37 Like some gay porn

38 They may be worn on one's sleeve

39 "That stinks!"

40 Rod on a screen

43 Oscar Wilde tragedy

44 Run through

45 Like Spenser's Queene

46 It may be under the tongue

49 Indian chief

51 Frozen dessert

52 Dragged behind

55 Soon, to Shakespeare

58 Decimal point

60 Kerouac's "Big ___"

61 Give it a go

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