Ain't That a Shane


1 'N Sync member Lance

5 Sonar signal

9 Strip in the locker room

13 Lorca's eight

14 "Celluloid Closet" narrator Tomlin

15 From the top

16 Pronoun for King James

17 Nicky, in "Funny Girl"

18 Like a fruit ready to be plucked

19 Australian drag queen a.k.a. Shane Jenek who sings 35-Across

22 Place of fast-growing sexual activity?

23 Zero of "The Producers"

27 Barometer type

30 "Diff'rent Strokes" actress Charlotte

31 Start of a Shakespearean title

33 Teaching deg.

34 Out-of-this-world org.

35 Official theme song of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2016

38 Rainbow shapes

39 Title for Derek Jacobi

40 Snakes in the grass

41 Feeling of bottoming out

42 Aging first mate, perhaps

44 Role for Agnes Moorehead

46 Dante translator John

50 Shifting between male and female identity

53 S&M session souvenir?

56 Tammy Baldwin, in brief

57 Michelangelo Signorile's column, with "The"

58 Jelly not for bread

59 You might find desire under them

60 Pizarro foe

61 Oral votes

62 What you can catch in South Beach

63 With mouth wide open


1 Mismanage

2 Sound of a sudden, involuntary discharge

3 Say "STATS!" in a chat room

4 Sucking candy

5 Witherspoon's "Legally ___ "

6 Green fruit

7 Sophie B. Hawkins' "As ___ Me Down"

8 "Aida" backdrop

9 Bite-size pies

10 "Not a Pretty Girl" singer Di Franco

11 Get-up-and-go

12 Meadow mama

20 Like a nervous Nellie

21 Provincetown's Cape

24 "The Sound of Music" name

25 Makes more bearable

26 DeLaria of "Orange Is the New Black"

28 Changed the decor of

29 Ban targets

31 Ohio's "Rubber City"

32 Like a fem's clothing

34 Longing for Garbo, for example

36 Mead, while living in Samoa

37 Ariz. neighbor

38 Blow away

42 Rough stuff underground

43 Straddling

45 Shrek and others

47 Feeling badly about McClanahan?

48 Style of "We Are Family"

49 Where to see Tom, Dick, or Harry

51 Oscar ___ Renta

52 Frequent award for "Modern Family"

53 Crazy like a fox

54 Hustler's stick

55 Org. for Evan Wolfson's peers


















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