Mark My Words


1 Barely beats

5 Stat for Richard Simmons

9 They're tops on the beach

13 It can bear fruit

14 Morales of "La Bamba"

15 Wilde country

16 "Cabaret" mister

17 Mild oath

18 Once more

19 Start of Mark Hamill's answer about Skywalker's orientation

22 Coin of Foucault

23 Boob tubes

24 Memorial designer Maya ___

27 Go gaga over Lady Gaga, e.g.

30 Restroom, for short

33 "Double Fantasy" artist

34 More of the answer

35 Sex attachment

36 E. Wolfson or R. Cohn

37 Came together

39 P-town's Crowne Pointe, e.g.

40 "May the ___ be with you"

42 More of the answer

44 Like a muscle Mary pumping iron

46 "At Swim, Two Boys" writer Jamie

47 Like some exotic fruit

50 End of the answer

54 He cruised for forty days straight

55 "Ed Wood" role

56 Blast furnace fuel

58 Stud fee?

59 Richard of "A Summer Place"

60 One of the Brewer models

61 Jethrene Bodine portrayer Max

62 Bianchi and Hulce

63 Material for Sylvia Beach?


1 Ordinal for John Nash

2 Hot temper

3 "Frasier" actress Gilpin

4 Workers at the bottom

5 Bridge call

6 Twin to Jacob

7 Dogs do it when they're hot

8 Visit Judy Garland'S birthplace, e.g.

9 Billy and family

10 Button's place

11 "We ___ Family"

12 Work under Edith Head, perhaps

20 "__-hoo! Fellas!"

21 Nurses stick these in

24 Sits on one's bottom

25 Coming up behind

26 Cathedral word in gay Paree

28 California has a big one

29 Heart test

30 One of the Mario Brothers

31 Record in a queer archive

32 Record material

37 Part of MGM

38 Shore of Palm Springs

41 Position near Dave Pallone

43 Goes for

45 "Dang straight!"

46 Indian et al.

48 Rag. alternative

49 Religion of Allah

50 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin

51 It has a fickle finger

52 "The Music Man" setting

53 It comes after fore

54 Snatch

57 Split one in the locker room

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