A Crush on the Boss


1 Mary had a little one

5 Deep throat clearer

9 Intro, at Gay.com

13 Where to find Moby Dick

14 Sitarist Shankar

15 Bear locales

16 Single drag queen?

17 Bauxite and borax

18 Type of New York Liberty defense

19 Episode of "The Simpsons" named for a boss

22 Like a phone in use

23 Galley slave's tool

24 Pupils watching porn may do this

27 "The Unicorn" author Iris

31 Track shape

32 Strip a fruit

33 Noted Warhol subject

34 Gay character on "The Simpsons" who has a crush on his boss

38 U-turn from SSW

39 Kind of plastic

40 "___ Rhythm"

41 _Bewitched_ actor Dick

43 Olympic awards for Louganis

45 "We ___ the Champions"

46 Lucci in _All My Children_

47 34-Across had a dream about his boss jumping naked out of this

52 Cheryl of _Charlie's Angels_

53 "For here ___ go?"

54 Fairy tale huffer

56 Foundation for Humanity name

57 Bear's den

58 "Mamma Mia!" band

59 Talk with one's hands

60 Some of Mary's lambs

61 Wine list info


1 Beat it

2 Words before were

3 Sexy clothing material

4 Billy Bean's sport

5 Turn on

6 Boy wizard Potter

7 Straight

8 Cam's home state on "Modern Family"

9 Cross-dressing comedian Eddie

10 Music synthesizer

11 Gym bunnies do it to their pecs

12 Fruit sugar ending

20 On the other hand

21 Insertion indicator

24 Football foursome

25 Trump of old

26 Put one on top of the other

27 One of the Three Bears

28 Last letter from Socrates

29 Movie based on "The Price of Salt"

30 Ellen DeGeneres and others

32 Oral attention getter

35 In-your-face

36 Like a short round for Sheehan

37 Hernando's place in "The Pajama Game"

42 Good and evil place in a Kevin Spacey movie

43 George Moscone, and others

44 SASE, e.g.

46 Holmes of "Wonder Boys"

47 First word of a "South Pacific" song

48 "Understood" to Ginsberg

49 Pull out your shooter

50 Port on Osaka Bay

51 Isle in Brando's "Desiree"

52 " ___ Miserables"

55 Way out

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