American Horror Story


1 Put a head on cappuccino

6 A man named Connie.

10 DeGeneres voice role

14 Sinister-looking Peter

15 Pertaining to most students

16 Sherman Hemsley religious sitcom

17 *She played Amazon Eve

19 k.d. lang record label

20 Feeling of hitting rock bottom

21 Haul ass

22 Thomas of "That Girl"

23 Trick

24 *Sarah, who played Billie Dean Howard

26 Anne Frank account

29 Producers of rainbows

31 "Man ___ Mancha"

32 Atmospheric prefix

33 Place for a light meal

38 *He played Will Drake

41 It helps you go up and down with your partner

42 Fruitcake

43 Shakespeare's foot

44 Big-top employee

46 Do a facial in a porn film, e.g.

47 *Quinton, who play Chad Warwick

51 Part of YSL

53 One that lies on the bottom

54 Hangout for Natalie Barney

56 "The Advocate," briefly

59 Village People's "In the ___"

60 *He played Larry Harvey

62 Frasier's response to a client

63 Lodge members

64 Beat off

65 Game groups, to Mauresmo

66 "___ first you don't succeed ..."

67 Come together


1 Killed, to King James

2 Mower brand

3 Canal traveled by New York ferries

4 Boat with a pair of bears

5 Pathetically small

6 Robin's gay guys

7 Edison's middle name

8 Lab primates

9 Family

10 Like a pair of orifices

11 Eastern positions

12 Tennessee Williams' lover Frank

13 "There's a single runner" to Billy Bean

18 "The Name of the Rose" writer

22 Area of the boys in the band

23 Asks for it on one's knees

25 Chance to get a hit

26 "Before Stonewall" and others

27 "___ Walked Into My Life" ("Mame")

28 Protected, to seamen

30 Cara of "Fame"

32 Nobelist Sadat

34 Bounds gaily

35 Peter the Great, e.g.

36 Caesar's city

37 "Walk ___" (Warwick hit)

39 Patronize, as a Rubicon restaurant

40 Roster for those who may be really hung?

45 Threesome member, with "me" and "I"?

46 Frida Kahlo's woman

47 Pueblo builders

48 Bring down

49 Want thy neighbor's ass, for example

50 Sean of "Will & Grace"

52 Your, to Proust

55 "Diana" singer

56 Alec of "Desperate Housewives"

57 Deity on "Xena"

58 Gets hard

60 Opus ___ ("The Da Vinci Code" group)

61 Line of Todd Oldham dresses?

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