Battle of the Sexes


1 Bear that may be a minor

5 Opposed to, to 8-Down

9 Carell, who played Bobby Riggs in "Battle of the Sexes"

14 Like a Peter Lorre film

15 Sweeping story

16 Movie based on "The Price of Salt"

17 Half of a pair for grabbing

18 Stuffed shirt

19 Exams on sexual technique?

20 Start of a Bobby Riggs quote in "Battle of the Sexes"

23 Tries to lose

24 "Poppycock!"

25 Silent Bob's partner

28 "So's ___ old man!"

29 Clearest of head

33 Dark version of the color purple

34 "Innocent" author Scott

35 Guys under Hoover, e.g.

37 More of the quote

39 Tickle pink

41 Pottery ovens

42 Right on a map

43 Placed one inside another

45 Kerouac's "Big ___ "

48 Mouth-to-mouth pro

49 One of TV's "Bosom Buddies"

50 "Fantasia" ballerina

52 End of the quote

56 Evita portrayer on stage

59 Sophie B. Hawkins' "The Cream Will ___"

60 "Nurse Jackie" portrayer Falco

61 Whiskey bottle word

62 Lines from Lesbos

63 Perform a decorator's task

64 Emma, who played Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes"

65 Boss Tweed caricaturist

66 Three of Frida's family


1 Like Oscar Madison of _The Odd Couple_

2 Bert, to Ernie

3 Mary Lambert, for one

4 Lingo

5 Org. with a common purpose

6 "West Side Story" faction

7 "___ Rhythm"

8 Jim who played Gomer

9 "To Kill a Mockingbird" tomboy

10 Pastry with fruit, perhaps

11 Pitching stat

12 Tennessee foot player

13 Dottermans of "Antonia's Line"

21 Copies of The Advocate, e.g.

22 Safe to put in your mouth

25 Male private parts, in slang

26 Be in a cast

27 "Let's do it!"

30 "___ and Old Lace"

31 Classic Japanese theater

32 "Return of the Jedi" creatures

33 Muscle Mary's concern

34 Cho's "I'm the One ___ I Want"

36 1982 biopic with Ian Charleson

37 Trial run

38 Sense of humor

39 Drench Trump in a Russian video

40 On the ___ (running away)

44 "You've Got Mail" director Nora

45 "Kiss of the ___ Woman"

46 Positive aspect

47 Shakespearean lover and his namesakes

49 Penetrating weapon

51 Like helium and krypton

52 "Blame ___ The Bossa Nova"

53 Slave in an Elton John musical

54 Objectifies, sexually

55 Flak jacket, for one

56 It may come at the end of a love letter

57 What Michelangelo put out

58 To boot

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