3 Generations


1 Anderson Cooper's area

5 Streisand's "Prince of ___ "

10 The goods

14 Highest elected homophobe's office shape

15 ___ fours (doggy-style)

16 Sir's counterpart

17 Q to a Scrabble player

18 Morgan Fairchild's "Roseanne" character

19 Top or bottom of the world

20 She plays Ray in "3 Generations"

23 ISP option

24 Had lots of partners, with "out"

25 "Tales of the City," for example

27 Cole Porter song from "Paris"

32 Unload loads

33 Stud site

34 Muster out

36 Marlon Brando's hometown

39 Persian Gulf land

41 Sarandon, who plays Ray's grandmother

43 Series terminal

44 Caligula's year

46 Fish dish

48 Part of a chorus line?

49 Prick

51 Margaret Cho show

53 Sexually ambiguous "Twilight" star Stewart

56 She played Gabrielle on "Desperate Housewives"

57 Flicked one's Bic

58 Like Ray, in _3 Generations_

64 One-time Arthur Ashe rival Nastase

66 Warwick's "___ Little Prayer for You"

67 Gulp of medicine

68 Broadway light

69 Fran Drescher show, with _The_

70 Enjoy Capote

71 Drag role for John Travolta

72 Sticks

73 Label on a lemon that isn't a fruit


1 One on Bernstein's staff?

2 Like McKellen's Magneto

3 Place for a Rivera mural

4 Emulates hibernating bears

5 Fannie Flagg had some fried green ones

6 "I knew ___ instant ..."

7 Disney's "That ___ Cat!"

8 Fashion designer Perry

9 Points of view

10 Shakespeare's Puck, e.g.

11 She plays Ray's mother

12 "F" on a test

13 Black pussy cats, e.g.

21 Elmer who hunts wabbits

22 Opening of Hell?

26 "Julius Caesar" setting

27 Carrie in "Star Wars"

28 Draw some interest

29 Make the change that is the subject of "3 Generations"

30 Radio jock Don

31 Puccini work

35 Candy purchases

37 Part of an espionage name

38 Ruck of "Spin City"

40 Testy response, or testicles

42 Bouquets for homophiles?

45 Lauer, who cross-dressed as Dolly Parton on "Today"

47 1993 title role for 53-Down

50 Strait man

52 Author Scoppettone

53 "De-Lovely" star Kevin

54 Rubbed the wrong way

55 Like orifices close to each other

59 Half of Mork's good-bye

60 New Year's song ender

61 Lesbian couples in "Bambi"?

62 Morales of "Mi Familia"

63 Cincinnati team

65 Old Spanish queen

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